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Property Division Through Divorce, Enforcement, and Bankruptcy

Divorce, Bankruptcy, Property Division, Mortgage Refinance
Divorce in Jacksonville, Florida is not a rare thing. According to Daily Beast, the city of Jacksonville has the ninth highest divorce rate of all cities in the United States. Many of these couples are jointly liable on home mortgages when they file for divorce. Since 46% of homes that have mortgages are underwater, many people are “left holding the bag” for mortgage payments they can’t make, refinance or otherwise settle with. Often times the only option for these people is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy and Refinancing are often the only options for debtors to have their personal liability removed from un-payable mortgage notes.
When one ex-spouse files for bankruptcy, it almost invariably causes the other to file. Of course this depends on whether or not couple had purchased a home using combined credit scores and on whether or not the non-filing individual can handle the mortgage payment on their own. If the individual is able to make the payment on their own, they may be able to refinance the mortgage, allowing for the other party to be removed from the liability on the note.
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