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Discharge Violations: Attempting to Collect Debt After Bankruptcy

If you have filed a bankruptcy in Jacksonville and have had debts discharged in the Florida bankruptcy court, a creditor cannot make an attempt to collect on that debt. If the creditor does, they are likely violating 11 USC §524. §524 serves as an injunction preventing the creditor from contacting the discharged debtor. This is similar to an injunction in family law commonly known as a Restraining Order. However, while a violation of a Restraining Order can lead to imprisonment, violation of a bankruptcy discharge injunction often leads to money being awarded to the client.

Discharge violations occur often and are sometimes overlooked by clients who just want to move on with their lives. The amount of money a client can be awarded depends on the severity and frequency of the collection attempts. Generally, the cost to bring an action against the creditor is paid for by the money collected from them. That means that a client could pay nothing out of pocket and could still walk away with cash.

If you are being contacted by a creditor who should have been discharged in your bankruptcy and would like them to stop, please contact a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer or call us at (904) 685-1200 for a free consultation.

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