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My Home Has Been Foreclosed And There Is A Sale Date. What Can I Do?

Filing for bankruptcy will stop the future sale date of your home, even if there has been a final order foreclosing the property. This is due to an automatic stay that is immediately put into place upon filing for bankruptcy. Under the automatic stay, a creditor cannot take any action against you to try and collect a debt. So your foreclosure suit will halt immediately and your sale date will be cancelled; no more action will be taken in the case until the automatic stay is no longer in place.

The automatic stay will be effective until the conclusion of your bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7, this will probably be a short amount of time, around 4-6 months. But this extra time may give you the opportunity to catch up on your mortgage, achieve a modification, or sell your property. However, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your case will not be concluded until after your Plan payments are finished. This will be anywhere from 3-5 years. Within those years, your Plan will allow you the opportunity to catch up on arrearages and so cure your deficiency with your mortgage company.

There are many ways in which a bankruptcy might be in your financial best interest. Help with mortgages that are in default is just one way a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney can help you. Call us today at 904-685-1200 to schedule a free consultation.

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