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Will Marrying Someone Who Has Filed Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

There are two aspects of this question: marrying someone who is currently filing bankruptcy, and marrying someone who has already filed bankruptcy. One thing to keep in mind is that the bankruptcy code allows a person to file individual bankruptcy even if married, so marrying someone who is currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings isn’t necessarily going to drag you into the mix. However, the person in the bankruptcy might have to disclose to the court the new income that marriage will bring into the household.

Whether you’re marrying someone currently undergoing bankruptcy or someone who filed years ago, you should know that you both have separate credit scores, so your spouse’s bad credit won’t kill your good credit just because you tie the knot. As time goes on, your spouse’s credit will improve and the bankruptcy will not matter as much.

If you or your new spouse is thinking about filing bankruptcy, you should contact a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney to discuss the ramifications for both you both.

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