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Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney: The 341 Meeting

In the majority of Florida bankruptcy cases including those in Jacksonville bankruptcy court, debtors do not have to appear in court for every hearing. However, debtors do have to attend a proceeding called the “meeting of creditors” or a “341 meeting”. At this meeting the debtor meets with the Florida bankruptcy trustee and any present creditors (who rarely attend). In Jacksonville the trustee and any present creditors ask the debtor a few questions about the financial documents the debtor filed with the court. The process takes just a few minutes and is normally pain-free if you are prepared for the questions and have discussed your answers with a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer.

The only time the debtor may have to appear in court is if a creditor or the bankruptcy Trustee files a motion or an adversary action, or if the debtor’s Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer chooses to dispute a debt.

Normally these hearings are not included in a standard bankruptcy fee and you should discuss the costs with your Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer.

Should you be considering bankruptcy contact a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

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