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I Filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy a Few Months Ago and Want to Purchase a New Car. How Can I Do This?

Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you cannot incur new debt without permission of the trustee or the court. Your Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney can do this by submitting a Request to Incur New Debt with the trustee of your case. If the trustee signs off on the request, you can buy the vehicle. The trustee should approve the request unless he or she decides that you cannot afford the new payment. If the trustee denies request, your Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney will file the Request to Incur New Debt with the court and ask the judge to override the trustee’s denial. This dictates whether you can buy the car or not. If neither the judge nor the trustee will approve the Request to Incur New Debt that your Jacksonville Bankruptcy attorney files, you cannot purchase the vehicle. If you disobey the order and enter into a contract to purchase the vehicle, the Court can sanction you or dismiss your case.

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