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Jacksonville Bankrupcty Lawyer: How to Prepare for Your 341 Meeting of Creditors

In Jacksonville when someone files for bankruptcy, they must attend a 341 Meeting of Creditors. This is a meeting at the federal courthouse where the creditors in your Florida bankruptcy case get a chance to show up and speak regarding their claims in your case. Most of the time, creditors do not show up to the meeting, and it is just you, your Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney, and the trustee. In Jacksonville the trustee will ask you questions regarding your case.

Some sample questions include:
Does anyone owe you money?
Do you expect to inherit any property in the next six months?
Do your bankruptcy schedules list all of your personal property?
Have you previously filed for bankruptcy?
What is the address of your current employer?
Do you have any domestic support obligations?
The trustee will also ask to see your driver’s license and social security card.

Though it can seem intimidating, the 341 meeting of creditors is not all that bad if you and your Jacksonville Bankrupcty lawyer property prepare for the meeting. The total time you will be talking with the trustee is approximately 5-10 minutes. If you are nervous, get to the courthouse before your scheduled time and watch some of the 341’s before yours. You are allowed to do this. That will give you an idea of what to expect and will calm your nerves a bit. If there were to be any problems with your case, your Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney would know how to handle it and can work out almost any problem with the trustee. Contact us today at 904-685-1200 for your free bankruptcy consultation.

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