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How Does Wage Garnishment Work in Florida?

In Jacksonville, Florida, a creditor such as a credit card company cannot garnish your wages without a court order. The company must go to court and obtain a “writ of garnishment” before they even have authority to garnish your wages. They may then contact your employer, who will be required to comply with the court order and garnish a portion of your wages in order to pay your creditor(s). Further, a creditor can obtain a writ of garnishment that lasts until the judgment is satisfied, or until otherwise provided by court order.

Wage garnishment is generally considered a “last resort” in Florida, as it is difficult for the garnishee to continue paying bills and putting food on the table. If you are in such a situation, you should call a qualified Jacksonville Bankrupcty Attorney to discuss your options. There are often ways to legally stop a garnishment that is going to or already in place.

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