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Divorce and Bankruptcy

Filing for Bankruptcy in Jacksonville is often a complicated and frustrating process. Many believe that bankruptcy in Florida simply wipes out a person’s debts — however, sometimes this is not the case. For example, federal law states that almost all types of debts arising from a divorce are non dischargeable. So, if you have gone through a Florida divorce and have a decree from a judge, the debts listed on that decree will likely not be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding under most types of Florida bankruptcy proceedings.

Even if you have gone through a divorce, some of your debts arising from that divorce might be discharged if you qualify for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan. The differences between the different chapters of bankruptcy proceedings is complicated, which is why you should contact a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney in order to help you understand your options.

Additionally, it might make sense for some to file bankruptcy in Jacksonville prior to filling for divorce. If you are considering filling for divorce, contact a Jacksonville Divorce Attorney to discuss your situation.

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