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Clark Howard comes to Ponte Vedra

On October 15, 2011, I attended Clark Howard’s “Clark in the Park” at the Nocatee Welcome Center. At this meet and greet Clark gave a small speech, answered individual questions and autographed copies of his new book, Living Large in Lean Times.

Clark’s book has some refreshing ideas about how to save money and is written in an approachable and non threatning manner. Though there were a few things I was already employing in my day to day life (such as using for free personal financial management), I was enthusiastic to learn the interesting new techniques to stretch dollars. There are even some unexpected tips that help extend the life and usefulness of razor blades.

The point Clark makes is simple: saving a dollar is like earning an extra dollar. The more dollars you save, the more stable and wealthier you become. I recommend this book for anyone looking to rebuild after a bankruptcy. After all, there is little benefit in getting a financial fix in bankruptcy if the habits that got you there aren’t fixed as well.

For information on how to order Clark Howard’s newest book,click here.

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