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Bankruptcy after Identity Theft in Jacksonville, Florida

As a very last resort for debt relief, many people look to bankruptcy after identity theft in Jacksonville, Florida. Identity theft is a major issue throughout the United States and can leave the victim with a mess to clean up. One of the biggest results of being the victim of identity theft is having to deal with debt collectors and having a bad credit score for debts you did not acquire; even after filing a police report. After filing a police report, it is almost impossible to actually locate the individual who stole your identity. This leaves you with very few options as to how to get away from the debt that is not yours. This is also all too often the case even after you have contacted each credit card company, informed them that the account is due to identity theft and provided them with proof that the debt is not yours (including a police report). These debts can even remain on your credit report, causing a bad credit score, after disputing each indebtedness with all three credit bureaus.

Even if you are lucky enough to have the credit card company or credit bureaus acknowledge the debt is not yours and was the result of identity theft, they often will still send the debt to a collection company who will try to collect the debt from you. If you have ever been contacted by a debt collector, you are probably all too familiar with their scare tactics and relentless calls in their efforts to collect anything they can from you. It is never easy having to deal with a collection agency. It can be very stressful and overwhelming. Not to mention the continued adverse effect these debts have on your credit report, lowering your credit score and preventing you from obtaining credit yourself.

This is why after years of frustration and not being able to clear oneself of these debts, many turn to bankruptcy after identity theft in Jacksonville, Florida. Bankruptcy can finally get you away from debt left behind by identity theft. Since bankruptcy discharges most types of debts that are the result of identity theft (such as credit card debts and personal loans), not only can bankruptcy relieve you from owing identity theft debts, it can also help you to finally improve your credit score as the debts on your credit report will show that they have been discharged through bankruptcy and that you no longer owe them. Once your credit score finally recovers after some time, you will be able to obtain your own new credit.

While bankruptcy after identity theft in Jacksonville, Florida is usually a very last resort, it can most likely give you the relief you have been seeking. Bankruptcy is also a lot less expensive than hiring an attorney to help you go after each credit card company individually. Contact the Law Office of David M. Goldman, PLLC today for a free consultation. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you finally put identity theft behind you.

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