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What Is A Means Test?

A means test dictates what chapter of bankruptcy you qualify for. This is a very important part of your case, and a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney will make sure that it is done correctly. The attorney will input your income for the prior six months and then take deductions for the things allowed by law. Knowing what deductions can be taken and how to accurately calculate them is extremely important, as this will lower your disposable monthly income amount.

Your disposable monthly income number is one of the most important things in your bankruptcy case. This number dictates whether you can file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or if you must file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Also, if you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your disposable monthly income number will dictate how much money you must pay to unsecured creditors in your Chapter 13 Plan.

The means test can be very tricky, you really need to know what you are doing to get an accurate test. If it is not done correctly, the trustee will file an objection in your case. We offer means testing here at Law Office of David M. Goldman. Contact a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney today for your free consultation.

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