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Tenancy by the Entireties

Tenancy by the Entireties, only permitted in a few states, is a term unknown even to many attorneys. The lack of knowledge of it’s existence helps to illustrate the stupidity of it’s application: Spouses must intend to hold property as “Tenants by the Entireties” to be afforded it’s protection, yet nearly no one knows that this system (or any system) of ownership exists.
There are several ways people can hold property. Tenants in Common is fairly frequent. Another is Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship. Each of these open a different can of worms in different areas of law. What Tenancy by the Entireties (TBE) can do, is allow a bankruptcy filer to keep their property provided that the property is held by a non-filing spouse provided that the property is held by TBE and that the property is not under-secured. Fortunate for Florida debtors, the inherit flaw of requiring the owners to intend TBE is overcome by the courts now presuming that TBE is intended if the couple is married and the property is acquired pursuant to the requirements of TBE. TBE requires that property be acquired at the same time for both spouses, they must have the same title, same interest in the property, have the same right to possession and, of course, be married.
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