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Can I rent a home if I am in Banruptcy in Jacksonville?

Many Jacksonville clients come to me with the same concern: “I need to get out of my upside-down home mortgage, but who will rent to us after we file for bankruptcy?” Having encountered this question so many times, and in the interest of trying to keep children in the same school district, I have created a list of apartments who are willing to rent to people who are either in bankruptcy or who have recently received a discharge. We provide this list to each of our Chapter 7 and 13 clients. It includes homes or apartments on the Northside, Westside, Southside, Mandarin, Orange Park, Arlington, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach. By no means are these all of the places a client could potentially live. Very few places said that a recent bankruptcy would be an outright bar to renting, though a few would require an increased security deposit.

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