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Must I Reaffirm My House And Car When I File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A reaffirmation agreement is an agreement between you and the creditor that holds a secured lien on collateral that you have previously purchased. This reaffirms the debt that you owe the creditor. So if you own a car and you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can either surrender the collateral (give it back to the creditor), redeem the collateral (refinance through another company), or you can reaffirm the collateral by signing a reaffirmation agreement with the creditor and filing it with the court. This reaffirmation agreement basically says that you will be responsible for the debt just as you were before you filed the bankruptcy. If you do not do one of the above options, the creditor can repossess your vehicle.

As for your home, In re: Linderman dictates that you must also do one of the above options for your real property. So if you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and want to keep your home, you must sign a reaffirmation agreement with your mortgage company.

If you need help with your bankruptcy or want to know how to file a reaffirmation agreement, contact a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney today.

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