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Man facing Foreclosure hires another to burn down his House!

house on fire.jpgAccording to Davidson County Sheriff David Grice, a Denton, NC man facing foreclosure hired a Virginia man to burn his house in order to collect the insurance money. The fire occurred on August 16 and fire investigators became suspicious of foul play when they learned that a flammable liquid had been used to start the fire. During the course of their investigation, police and fire officials were able to determine that the homeowner hired the other man to burn his home down before the bank repossessed it.

Police have arrested and charged the Virginia man with second-degree arson and homeowner has been charged with conspiracy to commit arson and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. The home owner’s mother, who drove the Virginia man to the home in order to start the fire, has also been charged with conspiracy to commit insurance fraud for her role in the episode.

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