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Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer: Don’t Wait Too Long!

Untitled-1.jpgJacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyers and Attorneys often find that their client have waited too long to file bankruptcy because they tend to “stick their heads in the sand” and hope their circumstances take a turn for the better. Certainly, bankruptcy in Jacksonville has often been viewed as a “last resort” for those in financial trouble. However, waiting until the last minute can often lead to consequences which even a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyers may not be able to reverse. If you are facing any of the following, you may have waited too long to file bankruptcy in Florida:

  1. Your paycheck or bank account is being garnished;
  2. You are being served with lawsuits for debts you owe;
  3. The IRS has filed a tax lien on your property;
  4. You owe money to payday advance companies;
  5. You are withdrawing money from your retirement account to pay unsecured creditors;
  6. Your car just got repossessed;
  7. Your home is about to be sold at foreclosure auction.

A Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer can use a Florida bankruptcy to prevent most of these negative consequences from occurring. If they have already happened, it may be impossible to reverse them. The old saying that “possession is 9/10ths of the law” has some truth to it.
The moral of the story? Schedule a consultation with a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer BEFORE your creditors take any action against you.

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