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Jacksonville Bankrupcty Lawyer: How Long Does the Automatic Stay Last in Bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy in Jacksonville or Florida, an automatic stay goes into effect immediately. (Unless there has been aprevious bankruptcy, then you have to ask the Judge for one). This halts virtually all legal actions and collection actions against you or if they continue and a stay in in place they can be undone in most cases. This can really bring relief to those with creditors calling all day long. This also means that any foreclosure or garnishment action is halted, and a creditor cannot repossess your car, or the court cannot sell your home. So if you are behind on payments and think your collateral may be subject to repossession, a Florida bankruptcy can help to protect your assets while you figure out your next step.

If you think that getting a fresh start by filing for bankruptcy might help your situation, contact a Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney today at 904-685-1200 to assess your needs.

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