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Garnishments in Duval County Florida

Garnishments in Jacksonville usually take one of two forms:
A Continuing Writ of Garnishment, which deducts from your income; and
A Writ of Garnishment, which freezes your bank account.

A Continuing Writ of Garnishment is authorized under Title VI, Chapter 77, section 305 and it allows a creditor to take up to 25% of your income to pay your debt.

A writ of Garnishment on a bank account can give a creditor the right to deduct from your account the money you owe them. All too often these writs occur without notice the debtor who only finds out when they attempt to withdraw cash. When this happens, they should consult an attorney.

Certain amounts and kinds of income and people of certain income levels are exempt from garnishment, but you must file the proper paperwork and often attend a hearing (or hearings) to establish your exempt status.

If your income is being garnished, do not hesitate, contact a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer or call us at (904) 685-1200 for a free consultation.

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