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Debt Collectors Calling My Personal Cell Phone

Blocked Calls, Creditors, Bankruptcy, DebtThis attorney is getting a lesson on just how annoying having creditors call you can be -and they aren’t even my creditors.
Although I’ve had the same telephone number for over two years, creditors have started to call me looking for a person who I’ll refer to as, “Tony Doe”. Tony apparently gave his telephone number to multiple creditors long ago and has only recently fallen on hard times. Now I am receiving phone messages from a blocked number asking me to call a collection company with my reference number. They were sure to remind me in the message that, “You are now on notice.” Even if I were Tony, I don’t think being “on notice” has any legal relevance, though it was declared in a threatening tone. They left me this message despite the fact that my voice mail states that I am Attorney and who I am.
I quickly dialed the number back and was put on hold, when they finally got back to me I gave them the reference number and explained that I was not Tony Doe but could they please give him my phone number when they get a hold of him so that I could help him defend this debt. The creditor then promised that she removed me from their call list, though only time will tell.
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