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Can a Creditor Freeze My Account?

Yes, a creditor can freeze or take money out of your bank account if they have a judgment against you from the court. (If your delinquent debt is for unpaid taxes or child support, sometimes the creditor can take out money from your bank account without a judgment.) If you have a joint account and the other person on your account has the judgment, the creditor can also seize the funds from your account. It is up to you to prove at a hearing that these funds taken from the account are yours, and not the joint account holders. A Jacksonville attorney can help you do this properly.

A creditor can take this money from your account with no warning in most cases. They must notify you in writing the next day that they have taken the money, but by that time the damage is already done. Your bank must also notify you after the funds are taken.

A Jacksonville consumer law attorney can quite possibly get this money back for you, however. Oftentimes certain money is exempt from the creditor’s grasp, but you must have a hearing to prove it. Social security income and veterans benefits income are exempt from being taken. Also, certain retirement income and disability income are exempt. There is other exempt monies as well. Contact our Jacksonville lawyer today to see if the money taken from your account is exempt and learn how our legal team can help you get it back.

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