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A Creditor Has a Judgment Against Me. Can the Creditor Garnish My Wages?

First let me say that you should contact a Jacksonville consumer law attorney before the creditor gets a judgment against you. Only by addressing the complaint or lawsuit timely do you have a chance to avoid a judgment.

If a judgment has already been entered against you, a Jacksonville attorney may still be able to help you from getting your wages garnished. There are laws regarding what monies may be garnished and from whom. For example, the wages of the head of a family cannot be garnished unless that person’s net wages are more than $500 per week AND that person has agreed in writing to allow their wages to be garnished. Someone is a “head of the family” if they reside in Florida and provide more than one-half of the support of a dependent. If you do not qualify as a head of the family, you still might have protection against wage garnishment. Contact a Jacksonville attorney who specialized in wage garnishment today if you might be at risk of wage garnishment to protect your rights.

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